Pareena Developers

We’re proud to have been a part of magnificent lifestyles in Delhi and NCR region. Our story is not just about creating benchmark properties, but crafting luxury lifestyles which are described by timeless grace and are rich with unique qualities. Hence, we are nothing short of creating a new era in the Indian Real Estate Industry.

Pareena believes in creating luxury residential spaces based on the understanding of today’s discerning clients. The success of Pareena in luxury residential property market stems from considered capability and analytical market knowledge blended with a unique understanding of what it takes to create an experience of lifetime. Each project that bears Pareena signature is designed and developed after focussed market research to determine present needs and preferences of our consumers. Being a developer of choice across the NCR region, Pareena properties are tagged with favourable price points.

Pareena’s story also extends to taking up the cause of environment by committing itself to create environmental friendly structures.


To create best work environment within our workplaces so that each of us can give best to the company –

  • To create a bouquet of quality projects that satisfy all our clients’ dwelling needs
  • To make an enduring network of clients, partners and associates to generate value
  • To encourage sustainable living in society
  • To become nation’s most productive real estate firm


Our story started with a mission which declares our idea and purpose as a company –

  • To create an enduring luxury experience
  • To inspire high, experiential and sustainable living
  • To generate value for our clients
  • To contribute in national growth


Project Of Pareena Developers