Despite the popularity of societies and apartments, there is no dearth of people who still prefer the old world charm of independent houses and villas. However, though the existence of the latter is very much possible in smaller cities, metropolitan cities are continuously struggling with space. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai lack the space to expand horizontally. Vertical expansion through high rise buildings is the norm in big cities. However, to accommodate the continuous influx of population in Delhi, smart cities are being developed in and around Delhi. It is possible for people to fulfill their dream of buying spacious accommodation as there are a number of villas on Dwarka Expressway in Delhi.

If you thought that living in a city like Delhi, means you have to adjust yourself to cramped apartments, you couldn’t be more wrong. With the development of Dwarka, Gurugram and NOIDA extension as well as the Dwarka Expressway, huge townships are being developed that provide spacious housing options for people. People can choose from apartments in various CGHS societies and upcoming townships. Providing people with a chance to experience quality life real estate agents can also provide you villas for sale Dwarka Expressway.

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